Pike Place Market at night, Seattle - March 15, 2013

A few weeks ago Visit Seattle contacted me by Twitter and invited me to come to Seattle as their guest. Last year they invited social media influencers from along the west coast to spend two days in Seattle as a part of #2DaysinSeattle, and now they were extending the invitation to me! I was flattered, and completely honoured!

I spoke to my sister the other day about how I like to go down to Seattle several times a year, and how it’s one of my favourite cities. I asked her about whether she had any plans to visit Seattle, and she responded saying that she said feels she should know Seattle better than she does, and that whenever she goes to Seattle, she ends up revisiting the same touristy places, but that she’d love to explore different parts of Seattle – the cool places similar to Vancouver’s Main Street or Commercial Drive – she just doesn’t know where to go.

During this trip, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to show her – and other Vancouverites caught in a Seattle rut – a side to Seattle that you probably haven’t seen, that you would no doubt love. I know your friends have been using the #2DaysinSeattle website for itinerary planning and loved it. Well, here’s my #2DaysinSeattle.

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