NEWS! at the Presentation Gallery

One of the most remarkable photography exhibits on Vancouver is currently wrapping up at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite space, upstairs at 560 Seymour Street.

NEWS! is a best-of collection from the Vancouver Sun photo archives – photos that don’t exist in the Vancouver Archives – photos that, unless you’re Vancouver Sun staff, you’ll never otherwise get the chance to see. For anyone remotely interested in Vancouver history, go! The exhibit ends on Saturday, March 30.

I attended the exhibit on opening night back in February. Here are a few highlights:

Joe Strummer at the Vancouver Armoury, Vancouver Sun Photo Archives

Yes, that’s what you think that is: Joe Strummer outside the Beatty Street Drill Hall.

David Suzuki, Vancouver Sun Photo Archives

David Suzuki, the “brilliant young Vancouver geneticist” in 1961. Cute!

Dorothy Stratten, Vancouver Sun Photo Archives

Poor Dorothy Stratten, Vancouver’s own Dairy Queen server-tuned Playboy Playmate, ultimately murdered by her jealous hustler boyfriend two years after this photo was taken. I’m not sure who the other woman is, but there’s bound to be an interesting story there too.

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

Photos from NEWS! at the Presentation Gallery

An amusing photo of Bill Vander Zalm, apparently fishing at a pond at Fantasy Gardens, which he bought. I have childhood memories of playing at this now-defunct Richmond theme park/botanical garden/Dutch windmill town simulacrum. What a weirdo!

Bill Vander Zalm at Fantasy Gardens

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. The photos go back to Vancouver’s earliest days, documenting, literally, the birth of our city. The photos are chronologically laid out so you can meander at your leisure and witness through the eyes of Vancouver Sun photographers the evolution of Vancouver.

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

Presentation House Gallery Satellite

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  1. Here’s a reason to go on Saturday, March 23:

    Discussion between artists Stan Douglas and Tim Lee with writer Michael Turner as interlocutor
    Saturday, March 23, 3PM
    Satellite Gallery, 560 Seymour Street, 2nd floor, Vancouver, BC

    Please join us for a discussion by notable Vancouver visual artists Stan
    Douglas and Tim Lee about different approaches to working with
    historical photographs, films and audio-visual materials. Both artists
    often work with material culture from the past, investing it with new
    meanings. They will provide insights into their research processes and
    ideas about media histories. Michael Turner will act as an interlocutor
    in the discussion; drawing on his extensive knowledge of the cultural
    life of this city.

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