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Topographic map of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia Maps Vancouver Island

How Big Is Vancouver Island?

How big is Vancouver Island? It’s big. Bigger than entire countries, states, and provinces. It’s so big, you could spend several weeks exploring Vancouver Island and not see it all. Located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is 31,285 km² (12,079 mi²). This makes it the largest island on the west coast of North …

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How Many Countries Can You Name in 12 Minutes?

Think you know world geography? Then I challenge you to take this online quiz. The goal is to name all the sovereign countries in the world in 12 minutes. Hint – there are 196 of them. At the moment my record is 190/196. For whatever reason, I can never remember Guinea-Bissau, Solomon Islands, Nauru, …