Autumn is so fleeting in Vancouver that you have to act quickly if you want to catch the fall foliage at its peak before the winter rains set in and wash it all away. Not that Vancouver’s renowned for its fall colours mind you; its indigenous forests are mostly evergreen, and those forests of red maple trees that Canada’s so famous for? They’re 4,900km (3,000 miles) east, practically an entire continent away. Saying that, the residential streets in Vancouver can be quite spectacular with their mature oaks, maples, and chestnuts. Here was the scene from Commercial Drive last month during the Thanksgiving long weekend which were, as anticipated, the last days of Indian summer.

Commercial Drive, Vancouver in October

Commercial Driver and Parker, Vancouver

And an aside, if you appreciate the autumn season as much as I do, give the “Mr. Autumn Man” article on The Onion a read.


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