November in vancouver

This was the view from the KatKam webcam at 11am today (November 8) perpetually showing the view over English Bay from the Burrard Street Bridge in downtown Vancouver. That’s the neighbourhood of Kitsilano to the left, the downtown’s West End to the right, and West Vancouver, Bowen Island and the Sunshine coast in the far distance. The smidgen of light blue on the horizon that looks like clouds? That’s Vancouver Island.

Why am I showing you this delightfully beautiful Vancouver day? It’s because November is perhaps the most hatred months out of the entire year in Vancouver. On record it’s the rainiest and gloomiest of months. It’s also dark, with the sun setting early at 4:30pm (as it’s no longer Daylight Savings Time) so it’s that month when people just want to hibernate.

And yet, every year, locals forget just how beautiful November can be, hence this post. Vancouverites frequently forget that it’s not all rain and gloom in November. In fact, with the brightness of the autumn foliage and the crispness in the air on days like today, it can be downright gorgeous. And yet on travel forums, locals are always telling tourists to stay away from Vancouver in November, to yes, cancel your trip – it’s only going to rain, you’ll hate it, don’t come to Vancouver in November.

And yet, there are days like this.

And there are weather forecasts like this:

November in Vancouver weather forecast

Vancouver in November? It’s completely underrated. Mind you, the sunny days are the exception to the rule, but it’s not all bad, is it? Not at all…

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  1. Today is glorious! It’s amazing how quickly a sunny day can make you forget about the days of rain that preceded this one! The rain is fun as well though! Who doesn’t love a good puddle jump?!

  2. Sucks when you don’t have time to enjoy the sunshine though. Being trapped inside at work while it’s nice outside and then getting off at 5pm when it’s pitch black? Blah!

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