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Scenes from Vancouver’s frozen Trout Lake

The surface of Trout Lake, a small pond in East Vancouver’s John Hendry Park, is frozen solid. This is a significant event in Vancouver. According to the CBC, we’re currently experiencing our longest cold spell that the city has seen since 1986. On Thursday, the City of Vancouver announced that the ice on Trout Lake was 5″/12cm …

Vancouver's Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown isn’t Pretty

Vancouver’s Chinatown isn’t pretty, but no one can deny that it has character. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in all of Vancouver, it’s steeped in local history. For a photographer, there are few urban spaces in Vancouver that deliver the same sense of stimuli. If you’re craving good Chinese restaurants, bustling nightlife, or a faux romanticized 1930s era Shanghai, you’re …

Joe Strummer at the Vancouver Armoury, Vancouver Sun Photo Archives

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

One of the most remarkable photography exhibits on Vancouver is currently wrapping up at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite space, upstairs at 560 Seymour Street. NEWS! is a best-of collection from the Vancouver Sun photo archives – photos that don’t exist in the Vancouver Archives – photos that, unless you’re Vancouver Sun staff, you’ll never otherwise …


Chris Hadfield’s photos of Vancouver from the International Space Station

Last week, January 13th to be exact, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was tweeting live photos of British Columbia from the International Space Station. A few from the West Coast. Here’s Victoria, BC. Have tea at the Empress and take time to walk through Butchart Gardens. The first shot of Vancouver, BC, where the Fraser flows …