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Scenes from Vancouver’s frozen Trout Lake

The surface of Trout Lake, a small pond in East Vancouver’s John Hendry Park, is frozen solid. This is a significant event in Vancouver. According to the CBC, we’re currently experiencing our longest cold spell that the city has seen since 1986. On Thursday, the City of Vancouver announced that the ice on Trout Lake was 5″/12cm …


Spider Ballet: An East Van Nature Story

Once upon a time on Commercial Drive, there were two spiders performing a pas de deux. It starred resident spider (right) and impostor spider (left). Sometimes their dance resembled a circus trapeze act. Other times, a wrestling match. Eventually resident spider had enough of its guest and unceremoniously flung impostor spider to the ground. Resident spider then …


The Brave Bull’s House of Steak Closing

Vancouver is about to lose an institution. According to a message posted on the B.C. Chowhound forum today, The Brave Bull’s House of Steak is closing for good on September 2nd: Never been, but for those interested, the couple that run Brave Bull are retiring and closing the restaurant down soon. Last day is Sept 2, after which they are selling …