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Finn Slough | Robyn Hanson
British Columbia

The Uncertain Future of Finn Slough: The Contemporary History of A Marginalized Society

This was my first attempt at writing history. I originally wrote it in March 2007 for my BC history class at UBC. I was 26. I grew up next to Finn Slough. I recognized that I knew very little of its history, other than it was a Finnish settlement. But why? Why a Finnish settlement? …

Manitoba Travel

What to see and do in Brandon, Manitoba

A 2.5 hour drive west of Winnipeg along the Assiniboine River is Brandon, Manitoba –  the province’s second largest city and its agricultural hub. In some ways, unexpectedly, it reminded me of Victoria, B.C. with its 1880s-era brick architecture in its historic downtown core. Brandon’s a city that’s not too big, yet not too small. Situated …

Joe Strummer at the Vancouver Armoury, Vancouver Sun Photo Archives

NEWS! at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite

One of the most remarkable photography exhibits on Vancouver is currently wrapping up at the Presentation House Gallery Satellite space, upstairs at 560 Seymour Street. NEWS! is a best-of collection from the Vancouver Sun photo archives – photos that don’t exist in the Vancouver Archives – photos that, unless you’re Vancouver Sun staff, you’ll never otherwise …