While some people wake up at 5am to brave the malls on Boxing Day, my day after Christmas tradition seems rather low key. I’ll sleep in late (10-ish), enjoy a morning coffee with my parents while reading the Vancouver Sun. We’ll then get ready and head out for a walk into Steveston.

Today the weather was gloomy: wet, cold, with a constant sprinkling of rain. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from spending an hour walking through the quiet Steveston village, enjoying the fresh air and distinct lack of crowds.

Steveston really is the antithesis to the craziness known as Boxing Day shopping. It’s a refreshing way to experience the 26th of December.

Let’s begin this photowalk!

First off, let’s just say that somebody on Bayview Street has a cute way of expressing their Christmas spirit.

Bayview Street, Steveston on Boxing Day

We walked down Bayview west to No 1 Road, and then west down Moncton Street. As to be expected, Moncton was quiet. A few stores were open and having Boxing Sales (Stepping Out, Steveston Marine & Hardware, A Monkey Tree, Violet Hill), but most of Steveston’s shops were closed.

Moncton Street, Steveston on Boxing Day

Some restaurants were open (Dave’s Fish & Chips, Sushi Ten – to name just a few) but peaking through their windows, it was apparent that Boxing Day was a quiet time for Steveston. The exception was Starbucks and Rocanini; they were packed.

Moncton Street, Steveston - Boxing Day, 2012

At the foot of Moncton Street, The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site was decked out in festive red lights, but it was closed to visitors today.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery on Boxing Day 2012

Over on Steveston Landing, the boardwalk was slick. Some boats were selling fish and the waterfront restaurants were open. Sockeye City Grill and Shady Island weren’t that busy, but the Blue Canoe was packed. Outside, there were few people admiring the view, which is a shame, really, for there was something satisfyingly eerie and atmospheric about the mouth of the Fraser this late afternoon.


Steveston Landing - Boxing Day, 2012

Mom and Dad in Steveston

And just as we were about to leave Steveston Landing for our walk back home, a giant freighter came by and graced us with its presence. I had an immediate nostalgia to being in Grade 1, being picked up from Lord Byng Elementary by my Mom, racing to the foot of No 1 Road to watch the freighter pass by, the behemoth on the Fraser dwarfing Canada’s largest fishing fleet.

Freighter on the Fraser

Freighter on the Fraser

Freighter on the Fraser

Have you ever seen a freighter like that? They’re massive! Kids love these things. So do, apparently, 32 year old women.

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