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A Night of Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg

So you’re curious about Winnipeg’s Celebrations Dinner Theatre and you’re wondering what it’s all about? Let me tell you! Celebrations Dinner Theatre is yes, dinner theatre, but it’s more than that. First, it’s been a Winnipeg institution for over 25 years. The performances are always three act musical comedies offering lighthearted parodies of pop culture TV shows, …


From The Forks to The Fringe: A Day of Winnipeg Culture

How do you describe The Forks and what it represents to Winnipeg? As a Vancouverite, my Winnipegger friends would often describe The Forks as “the Granville Island of Winnipeg”; Granville Island being a former industrial site turned whimsical marketplace, beloved by tourists and locals alike. I guess The Forks is like that a bit. I …