Guided by Voices fans, rejoice!

The annual Vancouver Guided by Robots tribute/fundraiser is taking place this Saturday, December 15 from 8pm-2am in the ANZA Club.

Guided by Robots

This year they’re taking over the space upstairs which means more seats, but to keep the intimacy of what people have come to expect, they’re playing on the floor.

If you’ve never been before, here are the details (via Facebook):

A musical tribute to Ohio’s beer-swilling sons Guided by Voices. As always the show will kick off with local rockers SK Robot and vocalist Kevin Perley ripping through a couple of sets of GBV classics. Then it’s time to bring out the inner Pollard in you as the karaoke portion of the evening allows audience members the chance to get up and sing songs from the set list along with the band. (Set list and lyric sheets will be provided.)

This year’s proceeds will go to Small Talk Centre for Language Development which is a specialized Early Childhood Intervention Centre for children with Primary Language Impairments.

This photo from two years ago pretty much sums it up:

Guided by Robots at the ANZA Club, November 14, 2010
If you’re a Guided by Voices fan and you’ve never been before, I highly recommend this night of debaucherous, musical fun. This will be my third time attending, and yes, I do intend to sing a song.

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