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Driving along Vancouver's Homer Street. Photo by Robyn Hanson
British Columbia

What Americans need to know about driving in Vancouver

Many Americans are planning to visit Canada this year. For some, it’ll be their first visit to their northern neighbour. If you’re planning to drive up to Vancouver, you may curious about the driving regulations and whether there are any major differences between driving in the USA and driving in Canada. Driving in Canada is …


Scenes from Vancouver’s frozen Trout Lake

The surface of Trout Lake, a small pond in East Vancouver’s John Hendry Park, is frozen solid. This is a significant event in Vancouver. According to the CBC, we’re currently experiencing our longest cold spell that the city has seen since 1986. On Thursday, the City of Vancouver announced that the ice on Trout Lake was 5″/12cm …

British Columbia Vancouver

20 Things Locals Do in Vancouver When It Rains

What do locals do in Vancouver when it rains? Simple. We don’t fear the rain – we embrace it. Here are my favourite indoor activities that I like to do in Vancouver when it rains. I’ve also added in a few outdoor activities that are still enjoyable regardless of the weather. If you want to enjoy Vancouver like …