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Vancouver's Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown isn’t Pretty

Vancouver’s Chinatown isn’t pretty, but no one can deny that it has character. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in all of Vancouver, it’s steeped in local history. For a photographer, there are few urban spaces in Vancouver that deliver the same sense of stimuli. If you’re craving good Chinese restaurants, bustling nightlife, or a faux romanticized 1930s era Shanghai, you’re …

Robyn at Tulips of the Valley
British Columbia

Tulips of the Valley: BC’s very own tulip festival

Note: This was originally published in 2014. While Tulips of the Valley no longer happens, you can attend the Chilliwack Tulip Festival, also in the Fraser Valley. Did you know that BC has its own tulip festival? A two hour drive east of Vancouver is Tulips of the Valley, an annual tulip festival held on Seabird …