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Finn Slough | Robyn Hanson
British Columbia

The Uncertain Future of Finn Slough: The Contemporary History of A Marginalized Society

This was my first attempt at writing history. I originally wrote it in March 2007 for my BC history class at UBC. I was 26. I grew up next to Finn Slough. I recognized that I knew very little of its history, other than it was a Finnish settlement. But why? Why a Finnish settlement? …

Tangent Cafe
British Columbia Food Vancouver

The Best Place for Brunch in Vancouver

Where do you go for the best brunch in Vancouver? Well, it depends on what you’re seeking. But given that there are so many restaurants to choose from, I created this list of one-of-a-kind places I would normally suggest to visiting friends and family. From casual neighbourhood diners to fancier destination restaurants, these are some …

Burrard Street Bridge
British Columbia Vancouver

How to bike to Granville Island from Stanley Park

It’s super easy to ride your bike to Granville Island from Stanley Park; it’s probably the most enjoyable way to get there. Here are the three ways you can safely and enjoyably cycle there. 1. Water Taxi Time: 15 minutes (including 2-minute boat ride)Pros: Fast, scenic, fun, flat, no trafficCons: Costs money The quickest way …

Topographic map of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia Maps Vancouver Island

How Big Is Vancouver Island?

How big is Vancouver Island? It’s big. Bigger than entire countries, states, and provinces. It’s so big, you could spend several weeks exploring Vancouver Island and not see it all. Located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is 31,285 km² (12,079 mi²). This makes it the largest island on the west coast of North …