The Vancouver International Wine Festival kicked off last night at JOEY Bentall One‘s Wine Room. Considered to be one of the biggest, best, and oldest wine festivals in the world (ironic, considering Vancouver’s youth), the media launch attracted members of the wine industry and media personalities who inaugerated the beloved festival with much merriment and imbibing.

I was officially there photographing for The Snipe News, but can vouch… this year’s festival looks amazing, especially with The Vancouver Sun and Bard on the Beach as new sponsors, taking over a role that was once filled by the now-defunct (and sadly missed) Vancouver Playhouse.

The weeklong wine festival continues throughout Vancouver at various restaurants and venues, featuring wine tastings and pairings, gourmet dinners and luncheons, educational seminars and culinary competitions. The last day is March 3. If you love food and wine, you’d be a fool to miss out… but get tickets quickly, as many of the events have been sold out for a while.

Harry Hertscheg and Christopher Gaze
The festival’s Executive Director, Harry Hertscheg with Bard on the Beach Founder and Artistic Director, Christopher Gaze, kicking off the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2013.
Wine industry and media mingle at the JOEY Bentall One Wine Room.
Members of the wine industry and local media mingle at the JOEY Bentall One Wine Room.



Harry Hertscheg at the Vancouver Wine Festival, 2013
Vancouver International Wine Festival’s Executive Director, Harry Hertscheg.

Food writer and photographer, Kelly Marion.

Stephen Wong and Cassandra Anderton
Food writer and cookbook author Stephen Wong with Good Life Vancouver’s Cassandra Anderton.
Kelly Marion and Karl MyWinePal
Food writer and photographer, Kelly Marion with wine and food writer, Karl of MyWinePal.
A delicious spread prepared by JOEY Bentall One, including this delightful morsel of goodness.
What's not to love?
What’s not to love?


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  1. The Ned is the wine I picked for my recent Matching Wine & Cheese Course at Burnaby Continuing Education. Its inexpensive ($14.99) and tasty: gooseberry, ripe guava, grapefruit aromas with a crisp herbaceous berry flavour. Superb with Saite-Maure Caprifeuille Chevre from Touraine in the Loire Valley of France. Go to Les Amis de Fromage, 2nd & Burrard.

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