I admit, I’m a bit of geek when it comes to BC history and geography, so the annual BC Studies Online Auction gets me excited. It begins on November 15 at noon and ends on November 22nd at noon.

BC Studies

BC Studies is a quarterly academic journal published at UBC and is pretty much the holy grail for all topics British Columbia. When I studied at UBC, I used to read articles from BC Studies for my classes, but then I started to discover them on my own and read them for fun. For fun!

Anyhow, every year in November they do an online auction that runs for one week. The auction items are quality choices – mostly books from local publishers, often academic perspectives of BC, Canada, as well as literature, but also some fantastic history books, cook books, graphic novels, poetry books, art books, as well as gift certificates to local museums, tourism attractions, and restaurants.

You can browse the entire auction list here: http://bcstudies.com/auction.

The best part about this auction is that it’s not very well known outside of the BC Studies community, so often there aren’t a lot of people bidding for these items, so if there’s something you see that you like, you can usually get it. I always like to plug the auction because I love supporting BC Studies, and I’d like to see more people be a part of this auction so I don’t end up winning all the items! Joking aside, it’s perfect for my fellow BC history/geography geeks, or for people who want an early start on their Christmas shopping.




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