The other night I went to Vancouver’s Legacy Liquor store and picked myself up a selection of local, seasonal craft beer. This evening I opened up the Dough Head Gingerbread Ale by Vancouver Island Brewery, something I’ve been meaning to try ever since it started showing up on the local shelves weeks ago.

Upon the first few sips, there’s definitely a prominent aroma and flavour of gingerbread – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice. There isn’t any vanilla or sweetness like you sometimes find in spiced winter ales. Instead I find the Dough Head Gingerbread Ale well-balanced with its malty bitterness with the flavour of gingerbread the shining star. I mean, that’s what you’d expect from a beer called Dough Head Gingerbread Ale, right? Fortunately, this beer delivers.

Dough Head Gingerbread Ale by Vancouver Island Brewery

The boyfriend also chipped in upon taking his first sip:

“Mmm, that’s nice. I can actually taste the spice. You hear all the time about a spicy flavour, but you can actually taste the spice. But I guess I have the kind of taste buds that need to be hit over the head with a hammer.”

I didn’t find the gingerbread spice overpowering, but it was certainly present in a satisfying way. And at 5.5% alcohol, it was the perfect Sunday evening beer after a weekend of a bit too much imbibing. Christmas parties, you know. I also think it would make a nice Christmas gift, hint hint.

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