I was recently in Harrison Hot Springs to write a story about bald eagle watching for the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains blog, 604 Pulse.

Brackendale (near Squamish) is often the first place people think of when they think of bald eagle watching near Vancouver, but apparently the Harrison River has the largest amount of bald eagles in one place due the abundance of spawning salmon in the river. They even have an annual four week event called the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival to celebrate. The festival wraps up this weekend.

The outdoor pool at Harrison Hot Springs

Anyhow, I was honoured to be a guest on this media trip. I spent a night at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, had a massage at their spa, ate at their famed dinner and dancing venue The Copper Room, but I also went on a bald eagle watching excursion on the Harrison River the following morning with renowned nature and wildlife photographer, Graham Osborne.

Graham’s passion for photography was infectious and he was a wealth of useful information and inspiration. If it wasn’t for Graham’s guidance, I probably wouldn’t have taken photos like this:

The trip also reminded me how fortunate we are to have places like Harrison Hot Springs within such a short (2 hours) distance from Vancouver. We were up on Thursday afternoon and then back by Friday 24 hours later. Fortunately I had nothing but clear skies, but something tells me that a visit to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort would be equally enjoyable in the rain.

The Harrison River near Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

You can more about my story on 604 Pulse here.

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      1. I was pretty upset at first since I am used to that house, and I have already given up 2 family homes – now it will be 3, and it’s so far, I won’t see them nearly as much. But whatever, I will just have a nice place to get away to sometimes 🙂 And they get to retire and relax. Well, my mom is retiring this month, and Ken’s work load will lessen BIG TIME, so, it’s cool.

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