I was sitting at my desk at work the other day when Simon Sees walks in to say hello. “I love what you’ve done with your blog!” he tells me, and I confirm he’s not talking about 604 Pulse, the blog I occasionally write for, but actually this blog. “BCRobyn.com?” he asks, and sure enough he’s talking about this one. “Thanks!” I say, feeling a little bit proud for my new work in the making, but then I feel a twinge of embarrassment, recognizing that I’m long overdue for a blog post.

Isn’t that always the case with blogs? You start one up, you blog a bit, and before you know it, three weeks have gone by without a post. You get some ideas, you begin a few blogs, but you let them sit unfinished. Days turn to weeks, the cobwebs begin to accumulate, and those old blog posts you started weeks earlier are no longer relevant.

Welcome to the club.

I have no excuses. Sure, I’m busy with work, but who isn’t? And I admit, I have a tendency to write epic blog posts, which doesn’t help myself or my readers. That’s compounded by my tendency to edit as I go; a bad writing habit as I’ve learned from Write to Done.

What my real excuse is that I haven’t made time to write.

I also haven’t set any goals.

So as I go forward into the last month of 2012, I’m planning to write one blog post per day for all 31 days of December. Having this goal will likely give me the focus I’ve been lacking and will help me make the time to write.

1 blog done, 30 blog posts to go…

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  1. I try and write as much as I can, but I seemed to have hit a lull. I tried to blog as much as I could while we were in SE Asia, but it got hard to do when the internet was poor or non-existent. Then when I got home, i was too busy to continue blogging. I too am trying to turn that around. I don’t think i can do the 1 post a day thing, but I will try to write more. I enjoy it.

    I’ll pester you to see if you’re keeping up with your 1 post a day. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the support, Tyler!

      I’ve never tried to blog once per day, but I did attempt to do a Yelp challenge two months ago: write a Yelp review once a day for the month of October. I made it half way before bowing out due to other commitments. We’ll see how I do this time around.

      I mostly see this as a writing exercise to get me out of my bad writing habits. I hope it works!

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